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Create paper that appears to be an aged document!

For this tutorial, a solution of 2 heaping tsp. of Walnut Ink Crystals mixed with 1 cup hot water was prepared. Play with the mix until you get desired strength. I leave mine on the art desk in a covered jar at all times. I never throw it away! No matter how thick it gets, you might want to use it as is or you can just keep adding water and/or fresh mix to it. You may also add it to paints, adhesives, etc. It is good for at least a good 6 months. I never use tea or coffee - it would be molded by this time, and I want controlled mold "look".
walnut ink, 
Now dip paper (or fabric, ribbon, lace, game pieces, charms, plastic doll parts,etc.) into mixture for only a few seconds (you can always re-dip),then remove to a protected table top. You may use any of the stained protective papers in other projects. I like to also paint it onto the objects and let it pool in areas or in crevices.
walnut ink, 
how to
walnut ink, 
You can blot it with paper towels if you would like to remove areas for irregularities, or spritz with water to remove color in splotches. If you like it as is, then let it dry. If it's not as aged as you would like, you can always, reapply. If it's too dark, blot it immediately and add more water to your mixture.
walnut in, 
how to, tutorial
Now the really fun part! To make the paper appear old and moldy. (Yes, Mom, I really want this paper to look moldy - No, you will never understand it!)
Spray your paper with water and scatter some crystals over it randomly.
Viola! You now have a perfectly, IMperfect, old document.
Now try these:
Use as calligraphy ink - Beautiful! Use a paint brush to add it to any area. Add it to the diamond glaze. Experiment and have fun! There are no mistakes, just happy discoveries!
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